Sunday, January 23, 2011

Waking Up In Naruto's Bed- Three Part Lemon- Part Three

Gaara, Naruto and I get to the hot springs and go into the mixed sex/gender bath. I blushed realizing we'll be naked.
We each change out of our clothes and wrap a towel around ourselfs then go to the bath. When I get outside Naruto and Gaara were already waiting. I blushed as they stared at me. "you coming in Dimond?" I nod. I stand in the water up to my knees and quickly take off my towel then get in the water. Naruto smirks and said "I saw boobies." I blushed. He quickly comes up behind me and squeezes them. "ahh." "and they're big ones too." he say in my ear. He starts to move his hands and squeeze more making me moan. Gaara blushed watching me. Naruto started kissing up and down my neck slowly. "ohhh, Naruto." Gaara comes over, blushing and starts to rub his dick against my pussy. My eyes widened as I blushed more. "G-Gaara d-don't, I-I'm a virgin." he blushes and nods. He stops but kisses me. My eyes widen and Naruto stops. I start to kiss him back, wrapping my arms around his neck. Suddenly Naruto let out a yelp. Gaara and I stop kissing to see Sasuke behind Naruto. "Sasuke did you just?-" "H-he's," Naruto whimpered, "in my a-ass." "here's how this'll work. I get Naruto's ass, he gets Dimonds and Gaara gets her pussy." I blush. Naruto put his hands on my hips and pushed his dick against my ass. I gasp. "Naruto be gental." he nods and pushes in. I let out a cry of pain but Gaara kiss me to quiet me. Sasuke started to move in and out of Naruto (Sasuke's gunna b Bi xD) Naruto started whimpering. Gaara started to rub his dick against my pussy again. "you ready?" he whispered. I nodded and bit my lip. He pushed in slowly. He kissed me so I wouldn't scream and pushed in all the way. Suddenly Naruto pulled out a bit and pushed back in hard. "ah!" I gasp. Naruto pulls out again and so does Gaara. "Ready Gaara?" "Ready" "w-wha-?" before I could ask they both pushed in to me at the same time. They started pumping in and out in sync. "ohhh" Sasuke also was in sync with their thrusts. Suddenly though Sasuke wrapped his arms around Narutos waist and started pumping harder. "ahh mmmmm oh sasuke!" he moaned and started to go faster in me aswell. "Naruto!" Gaara wrapped his arms around my waist and started going faster too. "Naruto, pull out of her ass." Sasuke moans. Naruto stops and pulls out of me. Sasuke moves back and sits on the edge of the spring, pulls out of Naruto and turns him around so he's facing him and starts thrusting up into him. "Ride me Naruto!" Naruto blushes and starts to ride him. Sasuke reaches down and starts to pump his hand up and down on Naruto's dick. "Oh Sasuke!" Meanwhile Gaara also moves but so i'm laying across the edge of the spring. He starts to pound into my pussy making me moan loud. "Gaara!" after a few minutes everyone came. "Switch!" Sasuke says "what?" "Switch, I get Dimonds Ass, Naruto gets Gaara's." Gaara's eyes widened. He pulled out of me and Naruto moved off of Sasuke. We walked to the other sides of the spring. When we met in the middle he pecks me on the lips. I blush. I get over to Sasuke. "come sit on my lap baby." I blush but move above him and lower myself. He wraps his arms around my waist and thrusts up into my ass "too slow!" "ahh!" I yelp as he starts to thrust up hard and rough. He takes one of my boobs in one hand and the other nipple in this mouth. "ohhhhhh!"
Naruto goes over to Gaara. "sorry Gaara." he pushes him so he's laying across the edge. He puts his hands on Gaara's hips and pushes slowly into him. "ahh" Gaara gasps. "mmm" Naruto moans pushing in more. He starts to slowly go in and out. "N-Naruto." "oh Gaara."
Sasuke started to slow down. "kiss me baby." I blush but kisses him on the lips. He started to pick up speed again going faster and faster. "Oh sasuke!" "Dimond!" we yelled as we came. Sasuke pulled out of my ass and held me. "we'll wait here til they're done then we'll all do the finally. I blushed.
Naruto was pounding into Gaara hard and fast. Gaara was moaning like crazy. Soon they both came.
Sasuke picked me up and brought me to the middle. "ok guys, pick, ass, pussy or mouth?" the two of then blushed. "ok I'll pick first, I call her mouth." Sasuke says. "I call her pussy!" Naruto yells. "then Gaara gets her ass." I blush. Sasuke moves me over to the side of the spring and knees at the edge, out of the water. "suck me baby." I blush but suck the tip. I could really reach that well. "here let me help" naruto says picking me up and thrusting into me. I moaned. Then Gaara came behind me and pushed into my ass. I moaned again. Naruto and Gaara started thrusting in an out as I sucked on Sasukes dick while he had his hands in my hair thrusting in and out of my mouth.
After a few minutes we all came. I swallowed sasukes cum. Then sasuke got in the water, breathing heavy, leaned against the edge and closed his eyes. Naruto sat down on a little seat by the edge and sat me on top of him;still in me. Gaara stood behind me still in my ass, laying his head againt my back. Then in perfect sync they all said "I love you Dimond." I blushed "I-i love you guys too" I said tiredly before falling asleep. Soon after they did too.


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