Monday, November 1, 2010

Byakuya Kuchiki Lemon for princessyumi1990

The girl's name = Yuna
age = 23
Boy's Name = byakuya kuchiki
age = 23

I’d been called to Byakuya’s office so I was walking down to his office. I wore the usual uniform of a soulreaper. I get to his door and knock. “come in.” I hear him say from inside. I open the door come in and close it behind me. I stand up straight in front of him sitting at his desk. “y-you called for me?” “yes, I’ve been meaning to discuss something with you, Yuna.” He stood from his chair and wlked around his desk and stood behind me. I turned and faced him. “lately,” He began walking towards me slowly. “I’ve been feeling,” I started to back up. “This desire,” I bumped into his desk. He came closer and put his hand under my chin. “For you.” “f-for m-me?” “yes, for you Yuna.” He swiftly placed a kiss on my lips. My eyes widened and my face got hot. He pulled away but kept his hand under my chin. “You taste better than I thought you would, Yuna.” I blushed more. I’ve always had a ‘crush’ on my captain. (she’s his 3rd seat) My blushed increased even more as he put his hand on his desk beside me, arms on either side of me, and pressed against me making me almost fall over onto his desk. He knocked everything behind me on the desk off and pushed me so I was laying on the desk and kissed me, wrapping his arms around my waist.  I put my arms around his neck and pulled his closer, kissing back. He kissed up and down my neck. “ohh” I let out a soft moan. He kisses up to my ear. “would you let me have you?” “Y-yes” I say breathless. He takes off the top part of my robe before pulling the bottom part off as well. He takes off his own top then pecks me on the lips before kissing above my breasts. He pulled off my bra and underwear as I pulled off his underpants. He rubbed his harden dick against my pussy slowly. “He probed the tip inside. “May I continue?” I nod and kiss his lips. He pushes in and moans as I do. He immediately starts thrusting into me hard and fast. “OH!” I gasp each time he goes in going deeper and deeper each time. He kissed down to my breasts and sucked on one nipple while massaging the other.  He kissed back up to my ear and said “ Say my name.” “Byakuya.” I said breathlessly. “louder” He said as he started to go faster. “Byakuya!!” He kissed my cheek then my lips. “Yuna I Love you.” He whispered in my ear before picking me up and sitting on the desk. He started thrusting up making me bounce. I started to ride him. “I-I love you too Byakuya” I said blushing. He laid back on the desk with his hands on my hips helping me ride him. “ughhhhhh!!” He grunted as I slammed down on him fast. I started to feel him pulsing inside me and I felt close to my limit as well. “B-Byaku-“ “I know, me too”  He wrapped his arms around me and held me against his chest and stood, I wrapped my arms around his neck and legs around his waist. He started thrusting again. “ohh, BYAKUYA!!” “OH YUNA!!” Well screamed as we came. He walked over to the couch in his office and laid down with me laying on top of him. “I love you Yuna.” “I love you too, Byakuya.” He kissed my lips before pulling a blanket over up and we both fell asleep.

Not really long but I hope you liked it ^_^