Thursday, August 26, 2010

Zexion Lemon ~Wanna Play?~

Zexion was sitting on a couch in the library reading. I was wearing a bra and his Boxers. I stole them from his room. "hey Zexy." I say as I walk in front of him. He looks up and blushes when he looks at my
'top'. He looks down at my 'bottoms'. "Hey those are mine!" he says a little angerly. "oh I know, but don't you think they look good on me?"I say sliding a hand down my leg then back up making the boxer leg go up revealing my whole leg. He blushed more. "or do you want me to take them off?" I say pulling the side down so he could see I wasn't wearing anything under. he blushed more then said "n-no! You can keep them on!!" I smirk a bit then walk over to him, I sit next to him. I get on all fours and face him. "Zexy, I'm bored...wanna play with me?" I ask kissing his cheek and winking. He blushes more and lets out a shaky breath. "come on please?" I say in his ear before nibbling on it. He closed his eyes and tried to slow his breathing. "come on Zexy,it'll be lots a fun!" I say before pecking him on the lips then taking the zipper of his cloak in my mouth and started to pull it down. "M-Mayx (may-ix) stop it." he says. "come on, your enjoying this," I slide my hand over the tent in his pants. "I know it." he lets out another shaky breath. "have some fun with me Zexy." I say grabbing his book and throwing it somewhere, before climbing so I'm still on all fours over him but not touching him. He blushed more, bit his lip and slid a hand up my leg slowly, "mmm" I let out a soft moan,his tent got bigger. I lowered myself so I was almost laying across his lap, but rubbed my lower body against the tent. He let out a soft
grunt. "Mayx..... don't....tease.." "aw but it's so much fun." I whine playfully. I moved so I was straddling his waist, sitting on the tent. I kiss him on the lips then say "do you wanna play with me now?""I-I might.." I felt his tent poke up more. I blushed. "well I take that as a yes." I say smiling before taking off my bra. Zexion blushes more and stares at my big plump breasts. He blushes a little more before taking one in his hand and began to roughly suck on the nipple. I gasp slightly. "mmmm" he takes his other hand and squeezes my other breast pinching and twisting the nipple, gently."ohh" I slipped his cloak off his shoulders and pulled his shirt off.I got off him forcing him to stop sucking. I got on my knees on the floor in front of him and unbuttoned his pants with my teeth, he gasp sas I started to pull the zipper down with my teeth as well. I pulled his pants off then his boxers. My eyes widened. He was really big. He smirked down at me. I took his cock in my hand and began to lick the tip lightly. His smirk vanished as he gasped. I swirled my tongue around the tip. "stop teasing me" he growled. I smirked and began to
suck on the tip hard. He let out a low grunt. I started to rub my hand up and down his hard cock, gripping it tightly. He moaned out as I took more of him in my mouth and rubbed my tongue over his cock sucking really hard. "Mayx" he moaned. I started to deep throat him as much as I could with out gagging. "Mayx...uhhhgggg....I'm c-cuming!!!" a few moments later his warm seed shoots down my throat,I swallow it all and take him out of my mouth. A line of cum dribbles down my chin. I lean up and kiss him, letting him taste hisself. He moans and starts to french kiss me slowly. He slides his hands to my waist and slides his boxers down. He takes them off and flips us so we're laying on the couch him on top. He slides down and licks down my stomach dipping his tongue in my navel before continuing to my warmth(idk what to call it) he slowly licks my clit, up and down lightly."ohh Zexy...don't....tease!!" I moan out. He licks down to my warmth and starts to eat me out. "ohh Zex!!" after a few moments I feel a knot in my stomach build up. "Z-Zexion..I-I think I'm coming..." he starts to suck roughly right before I cum, my juices filling his mouth. He swallows and starts to lick me clean. "Mayx you taste so good." he says making me blush. He kisses me on the lips. "Mayx, baby,is this your first time?" he says softly. I blush and nod. "are you sure you want this?" i nod again. "baby, this is gunna hurt but the
pain will be gone soon."with that he pushes into me. Tears fall as he pops my cherry. He pushes in til he's all the way in. He grunts loudly a bit in pain. "Mayx, babe, tight!!!" "Zexion your so big,
it's hurts!!" he kisses all over my face and whispers "sorry" over and over. Soon the pain is gone and replaced(sp?) with pleasure."Zexy...move" he nods and starts to pump in and out of me slowly. We
both grunt and moan loudly. "Zexy..go faster" he moans, kisses my forhead then starts to pump faster, I gasp and moan loudly "ooohhhh h- harder!" he nods and starts to go in and out harder, he lifts one leg
and puts it over his shoulder, and goes faster. "ZEXION!!" I scream ashe hits my g-spot "hit that spot again!" he nods and grunts loudly before slaming into that spot over and over making me see stars.
"ZEXION!!!" I scream as I cum. Zexion moans really loud as he feels my walls clamp down on his cock. "uuhhgg!!!" he keeps thrusting over and over still. He lifts my other leg over his shoulder. "ooohh" I moan. Zexion flips us so he's laying down with me on top. He starts thrusting up. "ahh!!" I gasp as I feel he's close to cumming, as well am I. "ohh MAYX!!" "ZEXION!!" we both scream as we cum together, our
juices mixing. I fall on top of him. He brushes my hair out of my face. "Mayx....I....I...I love .....I love you..." he said breathing heavily. "do you.... mean it??" I asks also breathing heavily"yes, me....a heart....I can" he said before kissing me on the lips lightly. "oh Zexion I love you too!" I hug him tightly. "we should" he says. I nod, and move to get comfortable on him. "ughh" he grunts as his cock moves in and out of me as I move. "oh I'm sorry Zexy." I day before resting my head
against his chest. Just before I feel asleep, I heard his heartbeating fast.

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