Thursday, August 26, 2010

Neji Lemon (for LittleBlossom)

Name: Yumi Nakamura

Age: 16

Boy: Neji

What is he from: (ie: random, kingdom hearts, Naruto, Bleach ect.): Naruto shippuden

the boys age: 17


Neij, Naruto, me and some of our other friends were all suppose to go to a party. Neij always picks me up so we could walk together, but wasn't ready yet so I thought I would take a quick shower.

Neji's pov

I got to Yumi's house and knocked on the door. . . . No answer. *where is she?* I knocked again. . . . . Still nothing. *she usaly opens the door by now, Is she ok??* I use my beakugan(sp?) to see inside the house. *she's not inside.* (he dosent look in the bathrooms because he's a gentalman.) I take out my spare key and go inside. "Yumi?" no answer. I walk up starts and hear the shower running. I lean against the wall and wait. *is she ok in there it's been 15 minutes.* I take a deep breath and open the door.

Yumi's pov

I realized I left my Shampoo on the counter, I open the curtain. I scream and pull the curtian so it's covering me. "Neji what are you doing in here?!?" I yell my going red. He blushes too. "I-...." he took a step close. I blushed more. He walked up to me a put one hand on the curtain. "Why cover yourself, you're beautiful." he said pulling the curtain away. I blush more and try and cover up with my hands. *I'm dreaming, OMG* Neji put a hand on my waist and slid it up to my breast. He gave it a light squeeze. I gasp. He looked me up and down. He stepped closer and put his hand under my chin. He leaned in and pressed his lips to mine softly. My eyes widen. This couldn't be happening, my best friend and crush is...kissing me?! I start to kiss him back. He takes his hand from my chin and puts in on my hip. He slid his tounge along my bottom lip. I opened my mouth shyly. He slid his though in and began to French kiss me slowly. I let out a soft moan. I put my hands on his shoulders and took off his top (he is wearing the normal) I rubbed my hands up and down his chest. He let out a low moan and stepped into the shower not minding his pants were getting wet. He pushed me against the wall and held me to him, my breasts getting smothered against his chest. I moaned a little louder as he started to kiss my neck finding my soft spot instantly. I slid my hands down to his pants and slowly slide them down along with his underpants. I stroked his dick slowly. "ohh" he moaned into my neck. I flip us and push him against the wall and kneeled in front of him. I licked the tip lightly and teasingly. "uggh" he grunted as I started to swirl my tongue around the tip slowly while sucking on it. "Enough...teasing" he grunted out before putting his hands in my hair and pushing my head down on to his rock hard dick. "uggggh!" he grunted as I began to suck harder and bob my head while strokeing him up and down. He pushed my head down
more, begging me to deep throat him. I took more of him in my mouth and bobed faster. "Yuuummmmiii!" he groaned as he came. I swallow most of it. I took his dick out of my mouth and smirked up at him, cum dripping off my lips. He had his head against the wall with his eyes closed. I got up and kissed him, letting him taste hisself. He moaned and pushed me against the wall again. He kneeled down at licked my clit teasingly. I gasped. "ohh" he swirled his tounge up and down my clit. "Ne-ji" he moved his head down and put his tongue in me. "Neji!" he began to eat me out. I felt a knot building up in my stomach. "N-Nejiiii!!" I moaned as I came. He licked up all my cum, stood and kissed me. He rubbed his dick along my entrance. "it is our destiny to-" "oh, just f**k me" he kissed me on the lips and pushed into me. My eyes widened. I tryed to scream but Neji's lips kept me quiet. "I'm sorry baby." he whispered against my lips. He waited for me to get used to his size before pulling out slowly and pushing back in. "Ohhh Ne-Ji faster ...Harder" he nods and puts his hands on my hips and begins to goes faster and harder. "ugggghhhh" he grunts going faster. "Neji ohhhh!" he picks up one leg, puts it around his waist and begins to slam into me over and over. "NEJI!" I scream as I cum. He keeps going, faster and faster. "OH! YUMI!!" he grunts as he cums. I moan as his hot seed shoots up into me. "Yumi, I love you." "Neji, I love you too." he kisses me again. I wrap my legs around his back and pulling into me more, and he holds me up. "ohh" I moan against his lips. He smirks and starts to pump in and out of me again. I could hear our juices sloshing, mixing together. He rocks against my body. "oh yumi" "oh neji" he both say as we cum together. He turns off the shower and brings me to my room and lays us down and we soon fall asleep him still in me.

not my best, but i hoped you liked it ^_-