Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kiba Lemon ~More Than Just Hanging Out~

Name: Mia
look:above (girl)

“MIA!!!!” you turn around and see your best friend Kiba running up to you Akumaru on his head. He stops in front of you. “H-hey Mia, you wanna hang out at my place today?” he said smiling the smile you loved. “sure Kiba”you say smileing back.

You both go to his house Akumaru goes to his bed in the living room and you and Kiba sit on the couch “so whats up, Kiba?” “I wanted to show you something Akumaru found, its in my room. Come on” he said getting up and going down the hall to his room, you follow him.

You get inside and he closes the door, “What did you want to show me?” He pushes you against the wall “K-kiba?” you gasp “Mia, I want us to be more than just friends, I understand if you don’t feel the same way.” “Kiba…” “don’t hate me.” He said before crashing his lips down on yours. Your eyes widened then you relaxed into the kiss, and started kissing back, wrapping your arms around his neck, he smiled into the kiss then wrapped his arms around you pulling you closer. He trailed his tough across yours asking for entry, you gladly opened you mouth for him, he slipped his tough inside and you began to fight for dominance, you….lost, but you didn’t care. He tugged at your shirt then ripped it off, you did the same to his, you both started feeling the new exposed skin, his hands found their way to your breasts, he groped them making you moan, he unhooked your bra then began to massage your breasts, he smirked and started to kiss your neck, he found your soft spot and you moaned, he then began to kiss down until he got to your chest he kissed your right breast and then went to the left one and began to suck on the side making you moan even more, he circled your nipple with his tough before sucking on it, biting it gently. He gave it one last lick before returning to your mouth, he kissed your neck up to your ear “Mia….I…..want you…” you blushed at his words. He picked you up still kissing and threw (not really) you on top of his bed. He climbed on top of you and kissed you again, his hand trailing down til it got to your skirt, he smirked into the kiss as he slid your skirt off,he rubbed your thighs making you moan loudly, he undid his pants and threw them somewhere, he started kissing your neck again, while one of his hands slid under your underwear “Kiba!” you gasped as he started to rub your already wet clit (sp?) KI-BA!” he stuck one finger in you, you threw your head back he added another, then another one “Ahh!” he pumped his fingers in and out of you faster and faster til you came on his hand, he licked his hand. You flipped him over and took off his underwear. You went down and held his eret( sp?)member. You licked the tip teaseingly. He groned and threw his head back. You rubbed one hand up and down, while you sucked on the tip, you took the whole thing in your mouth and began to bob your head, he moaned and put his hands in your hair holding your head in place. He came in your mouth and he let go of your head so you could swallow. You kissed him, before he flipped you over and slid off your underwear he lower his head and began to lick your clit like a dog, then he thrusted his tough into you “K-I-BA!” he stoped then spread your legs “ready?” you bit your lip and nodded. He kissed your on the lips then whispered in your ear. “this is going to hurt, but I promise you wont be in pain for long.” With that he pushed into you. “Ahh! KIBA!” “so tight!” he moaned loudly “ohhh mia….your so tight!” “ohhh kiba ur so big!!” “u ready?” u nodded and he slowly pulled partly out of u, u and him both moaned. He pushed back in moaning louder, he did this for 4 times then he pulled out partly like before then thrusted into u “ohhh!!” he started thrusting into u over and over. U flipped him over, straddleing his waist, u pushed yourself up and let yourself fall “ohhhhh mia!” he put his hands on your hips and helped u ride him, he started bucking his hips making u go up more. Seeing ur breasts bounceing up and down, made him buck harder. “K-I-B-Aaaa!!” He was moaning uncontrollably you went faster and when he had enough He grabbed your hips and flipped you over so he was on top Then with all his force he rammed into you over and over “KIBAAAA!!!!” “OH MIA I LOVE YOU!” he pulled out of u and flipped u over, you realized what he wanted and got on all fours. He trusted back in you “ohhh!!” he put his hands on ur hips and started to ride u doggie style (pun NOT inteanded XD), he slid his hands to ur breasts and squeezed them while he rode u. “oh KIBA!!!!” he trusted deep in u, before flipping both of u and sitting against the head board of his bed. He started to buck his hips making u go up and down. “Ohhhh, OH MIA!!!!!” he moaned as he came, “ohhh” u moan as his seed was released inside u, it made u feel warm, he put one hand by ur clit and use two fingers to rub it while still bucking his hips “ohhhh!! KIBA!!!!!” u screamed as u came “don’t stop!!” u moaned, he nodded and bucked harder, he rubbed even faster he started kissing ur neck. He kissed up to ur ear “mia I love u, be my girlfriend?” “oh kiba…i….love you too…..and of course ……OHHH!!! KIBA!!!” “MIA!!!” you both call out when both of u came at the same time. He stopped bucking and rubbing, after a few minutes of heavy breathing, he smirked, and bucked his hips once. U moaned. “Kiba” he smirked more he bucked again “no kiba” u moaned he started rubbing ur clit again “kiba” u moaned he started to buck his hips again “K-i-ba” u moaned he kissed ur ear, and whispered. “let me F**k u again” he bucked hard once “and again” he bucked hard again “and again” “go ahead, I’m all yours” he smirked kissed ur lips and u two started again, and didn’t stop til morning…by the way when u started it was 2pm so that’s like 20 hours of sex. Ouch.


  1. This is awesome it's my favorite lemon of all time!!!! <3 (=

  2. whoa! u should keep up the good work!

  3. I love this XD It's my favorite lemon of yours :)